Corporate Events

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The Piovera Castle is the ideal location for your corporate events, either or both leisure and team building.

  • Offered Services. We have a large conference room equipped with an audio and video system.
  • Catering Service. We have space for lunch/dinner or light lunch. Our catering is always available to meet all your needs.
  • Extra activities. An escape experience entitled “The mystery of the castle”. It is a game within which the participants must solve a series of questions to win. Players must be able to exit the castle in 60 minutes. It is the ideal activity for a team as this is put under pressure by the limited time allowed for the game and the quality of the puzzles.

We are the first medieval castle in Northern Italy to combine corporate team building activities with the escape room experience. We offer a package dedicated to companies with the opportunity to book one or more game sessions and organise the day according to the number of participants.

Rent the Castle…

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