Percorsi esperienziali al Castello di Piovera (Alessandria)

Percorsi Esperienziali

storia arte natura in Piemonte


“Every castle has its wonders”.

Cold blows of energy that do not correspond to drafts of air from closed windows.

‘Presences’ that reveal themselves with crunches, thuds, sounds, visions, that are not coming from the decline of the environment or the voracity of rodents.

Centuries of life that struggle to forget us.

Centuries of life we are not willing to forget…


Guided through the halls of the castle, the public experiences the thrill of a journey in the past, through the history and the suggestions of the place, from the cellars to the tower, in a mixture of tradition and modernity.


“… like a natural sanctuary, the plants guard the great word of silence; who knows how to speak with them, who knows how to listen, knows the truth. “

Leaving the castle, through the ancient medieval buildings, you enter the park, along a path of changing natural scenery. It extends to the west of the castle with an area of  30 hectares.

Through groves and avenues, firs and rows of oak trees, small bridges suspended over the brook, a 3 kilometres walk, which finds ample breath in the large meadows dominated by two imposing secular plane trees and where nature reigns supreme.

In the park there are over two hundred types of trees and the typical wild animals find an environmentally friendly and organic natural habitat where they can reproduce and live.


“In historical memory of work, not to forget …”

The Ancient Crafts Museum is housed in the buildings that were the old granaries of the farm.

It consists of thousands of tools and utensils that were used to manufacture everyday objects and to work in the fields.

They represent the male jobs such as the blacksmith, the carpenter, the lumberjack, the shoemaker, and the crafts that engaged the women, such as the spinning of silk and wool, the processing of hemp and wax, the weaving.

Each of them tells a story, they talk about man, about his manual and creative ability, they testify his fatigue, his intelligence, his perseverance and his patience.

Contribute to growing the collection

Do you have any antique piece in the cellar and you would like to donate it to the castle? Write to us, the piece will be forever part of our museum. Your name will appear in the list of all donors who have allowed us to create this wonderful collection.


“The tree from when it sprouts to when it dies always stands still in the same place. With its roots it is close to the heart of the earth more than anything else, with its foliage it is the closest to heaven”

The Root Pavilion is dedicated to Doctor Giuseppe Orsini who was its creator.

Passionate collector, he sensed the forms hidden in the ground and after a painstaking and careful cleaning, he brought them to light.

The space dedicated to the collection leaves the visitor amazed in observing the curious and surprising shapes that these natural sculptures offer to his eyes and that otherwise would have been lost, perceiving their beauty, the penetrating smell of wood and the memory of an enchanted forest.


“… in sweet September gather all your clusters of grapes and bring them home, expose them to the sun ten days and ten nights, five days in the shade, on the sixth day pour the gift of Dionysus in the chalices, generous with delights …”

In ancient times they were the “horrendous” dungeon with small narrow and dark cells at the base of the oval towers and later they were transformed into industrious cellars.

There the good wine of Piovera was aged, a precious bordeaux, in odorous oak barrels and in more modern concrete barrels.

Today, no longer used and partly restored, they retain all the charm of the past and they tell of the work in the vineyards with the gerles, the bigonces, the vats, the Leonardo da Vinci’ presses, the jugs and the old bottles that witness their past activity.

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I percorsi del Castello di Piovera (AL)